How to Show Employees Your Appreciation

employee appreciation, appreciate employees, Showing your appreciation is a great way to boost morale, improve retention rates and say ?thank you.?

Showing your employees, colleagues and coworkers that you value them requires no special occasion. It is a good idea any time of the year, and showing your appreciation is a great way to boost morale, improve retention rates and say ?thank you.? The ways to praise and thank your employees are endless, but here some easy ways to get started:?

Give Praise?
Sometimes, just saying ?good job? is enough, but take it a step further and identify the specific actions you found admirable. This encourages your employees to keep it up while showing that you appreciate their hard work, innovative ideas or passion on the job.?
Say Thank You?
This one may seem obvious, but it is often easy to forget these two magic words when you are in the middle of a busy day. Use ?please? as well to create a more polite, gracious and respectful workplace.?
Make Lunch on You?
Nearly everyone appreciates food. Show your staff you care by taking out the whole team for a birthday, milestone or for no reason at all. Bring bagels and coffee on Monday morning, or surprise them with dinner when they have to work overtime.?
Create Fun Traditions?
Seasonal traditions give employees something special to look forward to and are a great way to say ?thank you.? Throw an annual holiday party, organize a gift exchange or get everyone excited for a summer barbecue.?
Provide Opportunity?
People crave opportunities for training and cross-training. Your employees want to be part of special committees where they can let their talents shine. They also like to represent your company at philanthropic and civic events; show you appreciate their skills and personalities by letting them.?
Write Notes?
A handwritten ?thank you? is more meaningful than an email. Show your employees you care by putting pen to paper and writing a simple but heartfelt note of appreciation.?
How do you show appreciation to your employees? Share your most creative ideas with our readers in the comments below!