How to Save More than 10% on Everything

how to get discountLearn how to save more than 10% on everything by following these five simple tips.

A lot of people still find it difficult to make ends meet. In fact, the Census Bureau reported that despite five years of economic recovery, more than 45 million Americans or roughly 14.5% of all Americans still live below the poverty threshold. While the situation remains bleak, there are ways by which you can get out of your financial slump: you can either strive to earn more money or learn to spend less.

However, since bringing in more income can be a challenge these days, you should learn how to manage your income more wisely. How can you do it without depriving yourself of the essential things you need? Here are some tips that can help you save at least 10% on everything.??

Ditch the contract.
Cellphone plans can get more than a little pricey. According to an article published at, the average monthly cellphone bill from Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T is pegged at $148, $144 and $141, respectively. To prevent it from wrecking havoc to your budget, switch to a no-contract provider once your contract ends. You may not be able to get the latest phones by going with a no-contract provider such as Republic Wireless, Ting and Airvoice Wireless but you will be able to save more than 50% on your cellphone bills since these services typically cost less than $40 per month.

Use apps whenever necessary.
There is an app for your every need so consider using text messaging and calling apps to stay in touch with family, friends and business contacts. Some of the best free apps that you can use for texting and calling include Viber, KakaoTalk, Tango and Line. For international calls, consider using RebTel since it costs 98% less than traditional carriers.

Cut the cable.
A lot of American households are ditching their cable TV subscription which goes for at least $75 per month and signing up for services such as Hulu Plus and Netflix streaming which goes for $8 per month each. Maybe, you should consider doing the same if you really want to stretch your budget.

Go for gift cards.

When shopping for gifts, consider buying gift cards online at a discount. You can save up to 35% when you buy them at sites like, and You can also sell gift cards that you are not likely to use in these sites.

Ask for discounts.
The best way to get a discount is to ask for one. When traveling, you can negotiate in advance with your hotel to get complimentary breakfast, free parking and other amenities that you will use. You can also save a lot of money by asking your veterinarian to prescribe generic versions to your pet or by asking for freebies (vets usually get free samples of expensive pet medications and supplies).