Reinvent Your Business’s Social Media Presence

social-mediaImprove your social media presence in 2014.

There’s no denying it. Social
now plays a very important role in determining the success of your
business. It has recently evolved into a powerful marketing tool that has the
ability to attract new business and connect with potential and existing

In fact, recent studies show that a great
majority (about 94%) of businesses with a marketing department include social
media in their marketing strategy. This does not come as a surprise since about
85% of businesses which utilize social media reportedly experience a
significant increase in their marketing exposure. The way most small businesses
see it, social media is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to get
the kind of results that they need.

However, it is also interesting to note
that a lot of small businesses still fail to wield its full potentials. If you
are one of them, here are some strategies that can help reinvent your social
media presence in 2014.

Helpful Tips in Reinventing Your Social Media Presence

user engagement.
Engage your followers by providing
a good mix of interesting and useful content and encourage them to interact
with your brand. If you want to see positive results, you need to give your
audience a reason to follow you. It’s really that simple. ?

user concerns.
No matter how responsibly you
conduct your business, you will surely receive some negative comments from time
to time. Don’t let this affect you. Remember, you cannot please everyone. Instead,
address the issues directly when they come and you will surely gain the respect
of your followers. ?

it a personal touch.
Studies show that people would
rather follow another human being so let your followers know that there is a
face behind your brand. Don’t give your business pages an overly corporate feel
or your followers will find them too cold and boring.

the fun factor.
Social media is the perfect venue
to incorporate some fun into your business, no matter what industry you’re in.
Do this and you can foster a more solid connection with your online
and gain some loyal customers along the way.

an emotional connection.
You shouldn’t use your
social media channels for the sole purpose of achieving your bottomline and
improving your profits. Instead, you should use them to show your followers what
you really care about. Use them to support charities and/or other noble causes.
For all you know, this simple act can foster a deeper and more meaningful user

When used properly, social media can help
you take your business to the next level so follow these tips and you can
expect to see some very impressive results in time.?