How To Profit From Flipping Ferraris

ferPieter van Naeltwijck is no ordinary car collector.

The Monaco millionaire makes his money in real estate, but brings in a little extra by buying and selling some of the newest, most exclusive cars on the planet.

When a supercar manufacturer launches a new model, van Naeltwijck snaps it up. Limited editions offer the best returns.

“If you’re lucky enough to buy them, you can sell some of them for double the price,” he told CNNMoney. “There’s much more demand than available cars, much like Monaco real estate … It’s a good investment.”

His collection includes a black McLaren P1 hybrid supercar, as well as some ultra-exclusive Ferraris and Porsches.

Unlike some car enthusiasts, van Naeltwijck doesn’t let his prized possessions gather dust in his private underground garage. He drives his cars as much as possible.

Then, when he tires of them, he sells them.

He estimates he’s bought and sold about 100 cars since the 1980s, though he hasn’t turned a profit on each one.

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