How to Pick a Career You’ll Like

choose a career, pick a careerBecome good at choosing a path for yourself, whether it is your first career or your fifth

Most people are terrible at picking jobs. We think we found a good one, then it turns out to be pretty awful. Chances are, you are not the exception and you have suffered through a few bad jobs yourself. So how do you pick the right job? Read on to become good at choosing a path for yourself, whether it is your first career or your fifth.?

Choose a Lifestyle, Not a Title
Stop infusing job titles with meaning. Just because your card says ?Senior? does not mean you will have the same life as other big-wigs you know. Be realistic in your assessment of jobs; many take high-stakes, singular commitments, financial risks and more to be successful. Are you ready for that path? If the answer is ?no,? the career is not for you.?
Do Not Overcommit
Don’t be afraid of job hopping; in fact, you should embrace it! Testing out different jobs is a great idea, moving from job to job is a sign that you are really trying to figure out your fit, and quitting a bad job is the first step to finding the right spot for you.?
Overcommitting is taking on college debt, enrolling in graduate school or buying a big house because you think you will fit in a high-paying field. Give yourself wiggle room to switch because you cannot predict what you may want in the future.?
The only way you will know for sure that something will make you happy is to go out and do it. It is a scary concept, but experimenting is really the best way to find a career you will love. If making a complete career change intimidates you, start volunteering in your field or attending networking events to get a feel for the industry’s culture. If you don’t like what you find, give yourself permission to move onto something else. It is part of the process.