How To Land A Top Wall Street Internship

INTIt’s Wall Street internship season, and that means that over the next few weeks, hundreds of eager students will descend on the banks for their first taste of life on the Street.

They come from Ivy Leagues and state schools alike. Some have more finance experience than others. But they all worked hard to get stellar grades and ace their interviews.

So how did they land their offers ? and how did they ultimately choose which banks to go with?

It starts with leverage.

One incoming summer analyst, who asked to remain anonymous, described how she managed to turn a consulting offer into an internship with a competitive team at bulge bracket bank.

In her sophomore year summer, the analyst managed to score a Deloitte internship for the follow summer. But she knew she really wanted to get into banking, so she used that offer, which had a November deadline, to get an accelerated offer with a small investment bank in her hometown.

Then, she said, “I was like, ‘Oh wait, I was raised in [her hometown] and I’ve been here forever. I kind of want to try going to New York.'”

So she started networking with all the alumni she knew at bulge bracket banks.

One offered her a “super day” ? an important step in the application process that usually follows a first-round interview. During a “super day” students are invited to a bank?s headquarters for a full day of back-to-back interviews with different vice presidents and managing directors.

The summer analyst got an offer following that super day with only two weeks to respond ? one of which was a holiday.