How to Keep Your Morale Up When Your Job Hunt Stalls

careersJob hunting is a stressful task. You send out resume after resume and no
one contacts you. It can be frustrating and depressing. But there are
things you can do to keep your anxiety down when your job hunt has

For starters, try to take a positive spin on it. ?Keep
everything in perspective.? If your job search is taking longer than you
would like, you should keep in mind that the average length of time for
a job search for a professional is six and a half months, and for an
executive it is 10.1 months.? You need to think of your job search as a
marathon rather than a sprint,? advises career coach Cheryl E. Palmer,
owner of Call to Career.

Take a step back and reexamine your job
hunt approach. Re-review your resume. Maybe you have been making a few
mistakes that you haven?t noticed. ?Figure out how you are stalled. Is
it landing the job after interviews? Is it getting interviews at all? Is
it knowing what you want to do? Job search is a multi-faceted process
and knowing which part is failing is key to driving a solution. Review
your vision, actions and results to determine which piece or pieces are
underperforming,? suggests Stacey Staaterman, founding coach and
consultant at Staaterman Coaching. If you still feel at a lost as to
what you might be doing wrong, get help. ?Get professional help if you
need it.? If you find yourself spinning your wheels in your job search,
consider hiring a career coach who can help you focus your energies and
troubleshoot any trouble spots with your search,? explains Palmer.

hunt may be different and seem fruitless, but keep your eye on the
prize–a job. ?Stay focused on your goal.? Your goal is to secure
employment.? It is easy to get distracted by other things that are more
appealing than looking for work.? But when you allow yourself to get off
track for more than a day or two, that only extends the length of your
search.? You should treat your job search like a full-time job, working
at it every day until you land that next position,? says Palmer.

neglect yourself. ?Take care of yourself.? It has been proven that what
you eat can affect your moods.? And exercise has been shown to improve
your mental outlook.? Taking care of your body and being in good
physical shape will help you weather the ups and downs of the job search
process, and there is the added benefit of making a positive impression
on the interviewer.? Being physically fit is one way you can make a
good first impression on potential employers,? says Palmer.