How to Impress Your Hiring Manager

ManagersSnag your dream job by impressing your hiring manager

Every job seeker knows that impressing the hiring manager can spell the difference between getting the job and losing it to another candidate. Given this fact, you really need to make a strong impression and stand out from the crowd to receive a job offer. How can you possibly do this? How can you outshine your competition and snag your dream job? Here are some surefire tips that can help you impress your hiring manager and bring you a step closer to your goal.

Do your research. Learn everything you can about the company and get to know the hiring manager before coming for an interview. Start with the company website and utilize other online resources such as LinkedIn to accomplish this task. Asking questions that demonstrate your knowledge and interest in the company can also increase your chances of being considered for the position. You may also want to go a step further by suggesting a way by which you can help them solve an existing problem.

Prove that you are a good match for the position. Update your resume and make sure that your cover letter and online profiles show why you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Highlight your strengths and qualifications and list down specific achievements and quantifiable accomplishments from your previous employment, volunteer experience and/or student activities. If you have directly helped save or make the company money in any way, increased customer base, retained customers, or increased work efficiency, make sure that your hiring manager knows all about the details.

Be ready to talk about your experiences. Writing the best resume helps but you also need to be able to talk about your experiences as fluidly and as succinctly as possible. Be the candidate you are on paper and you will surely have a good chance of landing your dream job. ? ??

Dress for success. Keep in mind that your personal appearance and the way you carry yourself can help you create a more favorable impression. So, dress smartly, polish your shoes and be very well groomed.

Make sure you are a good fit for the position. You may be surprised to know that being the most qualified candidate is not enough. You need to be a good fit for the position to snag the job. You need to let your prospective employer know that you can do the job well and that you will be an effective addition to the organization.?

Remember, your hiring manager is looking for someone who can help them solve their problems and will greatly complement the team. You need to be that person to get the job you have dreaming of all along.?