How to Impress Your Boss on the First Day

impress boss on first day, first impressionLearn how to impress your boss on your first day of work

Getting hired for the job doesn’t mean that your greatest challenge is over. In fact, it only marks the beginning of a long and challenging journey. To set things off on the right foot, you need to impress your boss and your co-workers right from the start. Remember, it is easier to create a good impression right off the bat than change your boss’s and co-workers’ perceptions later on.?

Impress Your Boss from Day 1

How do you let everyone know that they hired the right person for the job? You can do it by following these simple yet effective tips.?

Arrive on time. Coming in late on your first day may ruin your credibility in the workplace. It may even cause your boss to doubt your dependability so make sure you arrive on time. Arriving a little early will also give you the chance to meet your new co-workers before the work day begins.

Look good. All eyes will be on you so make sure you dress tastefully on your first day of work. Keep in mind that is better to be overdressed than underdressed during this critical period.

Come well prepared. Do your research and learn everything you can about the company before reporting for work. Get to know the company’s vision, mission and goals, its internal culture and values, as well as what is expected of you.?

Ask questions. Let them know that you have done your research and are ready to learn more about the organization and how you can contribute to its success by asking all the right questions.?

Interact with people. Get to know your co-workers and make sure you remember their names. Ask them what they are working on and let them know that you are willing to help them in any way you can without being nosy and you will surely make a lot of new friends along the way. Show them that you are eager to be a part of the team and all your efforts will surely be rewarded.

Relax. Your first day on the job can be intimidating but you should try to avoid showing any signs of nervousness. Bouncing your legs, tapping your fingers, fidgeting and shifting in your seat, and excessive blinking may indicate that you are anxious about your new job. Project positive energy and let them know that you are excited to be a part of their team.

Be appreciative. Show your appreciation to everyone who is willing to help you learn what you need to know.

Listen. Gain your boss’s and co-workers’ respect by listening to what they have to teach you.

Remember, your first day of work can define your future so make sure you get everything right from the very start.