How to Help Employees Build Confidence

OfficeEvery team seems to have one or two employees who have the capability of moving up to a higher position but who lack the confidence to do so. Such workers can overcome their self-doubt and become happier, more productive employees. All it takes is a little help from someone like you.

Here is a six-step plan you can use to help employees with potential develop their confidence and get ahead:

? Tell the employee that you believe she?s capable of advancement. In a private meeting, let the person know that you have confidence in her abilities. Explain how you foresee her using those skills to benefit both her and the organization.

? Give the person the necessary training and resources. You?ll contribute much of this, but the employee will probably have some ideas of her own about how to develop the skills she needs. Let her feel her way a bit.

? Begin assigning new responsibilities gradually. Define new assignments and duties very clearly. Besides explaining exactly what needs to be done, spell out the characteristics of a job well done.

? Provide frequent feedback. It?s important to let her know when she?s doing a good job and that you?re glad you placed faith in her. If there are shortcomings, ask her what you can do to provide better support in the future so these problems don?t recur.

? Observe your employee?s response to the stress associated with her new duties. If you sense that the stress level is becoming uncomfortable, let her retreat to more familiar responsibilities for a while.

? Build in rewards along the way. Help the employee celebrate the small successes that mark new levels of achievement. See that her salary keeps pace with her increased responsibilities. And when the big successes occur, take her to lunch, announce the event at a staff meeting or see that she?s in line for a bonus.

(Source: TNS)