How To Grab A Recruiter’s Attention

RECRWith the huge number of applications a job opening usually gets, it?s frustrating?but not much of a surprise?that most recruiters spend all of six seconds looking at your resume.

So, what?s a job seeker to do? Stop putting effort into perfecting your resume bullet points? Forget about quantifying accomplishments? Shorten your resume to just be five targeted keywords in a large font?

No, no and no. Your goal is actually pretty straightforward: Give recruiters a reason to take a closer look at your resume during their quick glance.

Here are a few ideas on how to do exactly that.

1. Call Attention To Keywords

The bulk of your resume is likely made up of the bullets listed under your experiences, but unless there?s something that catches your reader?s eye, he or she may never even make it to the meat of your resume.

To combat this, pull up the sections that allow for the use of more keywords to the top third of the page, such as your skills section or summary statement. Then comb through the job description to find what words skills, or qualifications keep coming up. Pick out your strengths from what you?ve found, and make sure a reader doesn?t have to go very far to find something he or she would be interested in.

2. Use Section Headings Strategically

While we?re on the topic of keywords, one component that tends to get a lot of emphasis is your section headings. It makes sense. They need to be very clear so that your resume is easy to navigate and skim, but what a wasted opportunity for these bolded, eye-catching headings to only point out where the next section starts.

To take advantage of these inherently attention-grabbing areas, add some relevant flair. Instead of just an ?Experience? section, change it to ?Teaching Experience? or ?Project Management Experience.? Instead of just ?Skills,? give ?Technical Skills? or ?Stage Management Skills? a whirl.

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