How to Get Your Website on Page 1 of Google

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Improve your search engine ranking by linking to webpages in your website or to someone else?s website.

Ranking well on Google is a mystery to a lot of small business owners. Everyone knows that customers, clients or people perusing the Internet don?t click beyond the first page of Google?s search results page. In fact, few people look down the page. If potential or returning clients can?t find your website, you don?t get the business. No business and you?re out of business, so what do you do to get on Google?s coveted first results page one?

How Does Google Rank Websites

You need to understand how Google ranks websites. It?s the only way to create a plan of action. Google uses an algorithm called PageRank. PageRank is very complicated, but in a nutshell it is used to figure out how important a webpage is. For instance, one page that links to another page is ?casting a vote? for that page. The more votes cast for that page, the more important that page is in the eyes of Google. Ok, but how do you link pages? If you have a blog on your website, you can link a phrase or word to another page on your website. When a visitor clicks on the link and are directed to the other webpage, you webpage is getting a vote.

Long Story Short: Link Your Webpages

Small businesses can use blogs on their website to link to other pages. Perhaps, you sell shoes. You write a blog about this season?s new shoe line and both text and images on the blog page have links that go to other parts of your website. A visitor can click on a picture of shoes or on a line of text like ?fabulous red shoes? and go to those other webpages, thus making your website more important.

What Else Do Blogs Do

Blogs do more than give you a forum to link to your own website. They allow you to refresh the content on your website, which Google really likes when ranking. Furthermore, blogs allow you to:

  • Inform the visitor of your new products or services
  • Help make you an authority on your area of expertise
  • Give you a chance to engage your client

Improve your search engine ranking by linking to webpages in your website or to someone else?s website. Use blogs to help you link to internal webpages and sell your products/services. The better you understand how Google works, the higher up you will go on their ranking.

Do you have more ideas for improving website PageRank? Please share your thoughts in the comments.