How to “Future-Proof” Your Career

future proof your careerThinking about the future can be scary, but the time to future-proof your career is now

Today’s economy is strained, and the future is uncertain for many people. No one knows what lies ahead, but the prospects can be both scary and exciting. So what can you do now to reduce the anxiety of the future and prepare for technological and economic changes? These tips show you how to future-proof your career so your prospects will be as viable in the future as they are now.?

Build working relationships?

The single best thing you can do now to future-proof your career is to build a network and nourish it. Stay in touch with your network, and extend it outside of your workplace to include headhunters, clients and even competitors. This is the best insurance policy you have if things go bad.?

Don’t get blind-sided

Without a crystal ball, the best way to understand the future is to stay on top of the forces that shape careers understand how they will impact you. Read industry news articles and stay on the forefront of changes in your field. Choose an industry that is driving change instead of being wiped out by it. Knowing what is coming can help you capitalize on your options and meet impending challenges.?

Embrace technology?

If you are under 30, chances are you are already connected to the virtual world of business and communications. If you are not a member of the digital generation, start learning now. Business will only become more and more global and virtual, so embrace these developments and avoid becoming obsolete due to a lack of technical savvy.?

Build Valuable Skills?

Think about the skills that will most likely be important in the future. For instance, social media, graphic design and sustainability are likely to keep growing over the next 10 years and beyond. Jobs that focus on working with other people, like hairdressing, physiotherapy and coaching are also unlikely to be outsourced.?

Master a Skill?

A ?jack of all trades? may know something about everything, but is also in competition with millions of other workers with similar mediocre talents. Stand out from the crowd by becoming a master. It takes time and effort to really develop a skill or talent, but it is worth it to solidify your career.?

What steps are you taking to future-proof your career? Share your advice with our readers in the comments section below.