How to Find Inexpensive But Impressive Gifts In The Workplace

GiftsBuying gifts for work associates can be tricky, especially if for your boss. But you can find some cheap yet classy gifts that will pass muster in professional circles.

But first you need to determine if it?s okay to?exchange gifts in your workplace. If it is, then you don?t have to wait for a special occasion or holiday. You can give gifts to tell a client, peer, or colleague thank you, for example.

And while you want to make a good impression, you don?t want to seem like you are trying too hard and give overboard with the gift.

Be careful on what you choose. You want to make sure the gift is appropriate. Skip gag gifts, personal, offensive, or inappropriate, such as gifts dealing with religion, politics, personal hygiene, or sex.? And personal items such as perfume, clothing, red roses, alcohol, or tobacco products should be avoided as well.

Now to find the perfect gift. ?Generic, gender neutral gifts are great,? suggests professional coach Chantay Bridges. ?Gifts such as candles, pens, notepads, gourmet treats, coffee, teas, gift cards, etc.?

If your goal is to impress but not spend a lot of money, you can go to an exclusive store and buy an inexpensive item ?Go to a very high end store and purchase something in your price range. You may think, I cannot afford anything from a super affluent store, yet you may be surprised,? offers Bridges. ?For example, visit Neiman Marcus gourmet treat department. Pick up a chocolate chip amaretto or white cheddar popcorn. Grab up some fine chocolates, caramels, jelly beans, etc. that are just super delicious and extremely affordable. Take a quick visit over to Saks Fifth Avenue. Grab a pair of sporty socks for a man or a pocket handkerchief.?

Keep it simple and if you can add an appropriate personal touch. If your boss is a golfer, maybe get him a golf-related item.

Gift cards are also an option. But pick a useful retailer, one the person would most likely frequent, such as Amazon, Starbucks, or iTunes, suggests ?consumer-saving and shopping expert Andrea Woroch.

The Internet can be a great money-saving resource and a tool to find great gifts. ?Search for online coupons for personalized gifts or gift baskets at CouponSherpa .com where you can find deals like $5 off $25 or more at Edible Arrangements or 20 percent off gift baskets at 1-800Baskets,? notes Woroch.