How to Find Good Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

health insurance, health insurance plan, self employedFinding affordable health insurance for the self-employed requires online research

Whether you are a newly self-employed person or you have been working on your own for years, finding an affordable and suitable health insurance policy for you and your family can be very challenging. ?Usually, finding an affordable health insurance policy for the self-employed is difficult and may require lots of research on your part. Also, it can be more expensive than health policies provided by an employer. One option is to find out if you?re eligible for a group policy plan as some states consider a self-employed person a “group of one?.?

Search Online for Health Insurance Options

The good news for everyone is there are options available when it comes to health insurance for self-employed people. There are different situations out there for everyone, so before you begin the search process you want to determine just who you are going to want to get health insurance quotes for. You can buy an individual policy or a family policy depending on the different needs for you and your family. Family policies could include you, your spouse, and your children. More information can be obtained online.?

Depending on your health, you may be required to take a physical exam or have medical records released to the insurance company before eligibility can be determined. There will be a lot of changes coming up in 2014 when the Affordable Care Act takes full effect, so be sure you get all the information possible on the health insurance policies you are considering. Things to keep in mind will be your deductibles, prescription drug coverage, emergency care, hospital care, outpatient care, long-term care, maternity care, rehabilitation and pediatric care. ?

Talk with Experts in the Health Insurance Field

If you feel better about talking with someone in person, you can always opt to go to a local insurance agency and talk with a licensed insurance agent who will be able to answer all your questions on the spot. There are many benefits to being self-employed, but there are downfalls as well. One of them is finding affordable health insurance. When you are figuring on buying a policy, always keep in mind what the total cost of the plan will be. Compare several policies before you make a decision because not all health insurance companies are the same. Some may be more beneficial to you and your needs versus others. So ask questions, do research and be mindful of co-pay amounts, co-insurance and out of pocket costs that are associated with each policy.