How to Feng Shui Your Office for Better Performance

Change your life by rearranging and organizing your office desk.?

According to the principles of feng shui, arranging your desk and eliminating useless clutter can affect the flow of Chi or life force within the space and help you attract more positive energy. Thus, it can help you become more organized and reduce your stress levels. It can even allow new ideas and opportunities to enter into your life.

How can the simple act of arranging your office desk make all these things possible? Well, this is because everything in your environment affects your life. As such, if you feel comfortable in your workspace, you will feel more energized and be more creative at work. If you want to see if this really works, here are some simple ways by which you can rearrange your office desk for better results:

How to Feng Shui Your Office Desk

Give it the proper orientation. Your office desk should be placed directly opposite the front door so you can see anyone entering the room. This position can help promote financial security and allow you to seize opportunities when they arise. However, if you cannot rearrange your desk, try putting a mirror in front of you so you can have a good view of the front door.

Clear the clutter. Remove anything that distracts you from your work. While there are accessories that inspire you, there are also some things that do not serve any purpose. You should likewise remove any unresolved and unfinished work since they may only hamper your productivity.

Arrange your desk. Your desktop can be divided into nine equal parts, each symbolizing a specific area in your life which can be improved by placing particular items within the grid. Here is a guide that can help you determine how your desk arrangement can help you improve certain areas in your life:

  • The back left corner represents wealth and prosperity. It is the best area to place a desk plant or any valuable item. Use purple-colored items in this area.
  • The back right corner signifies love and relationships. A fresh flower or a photo of your family should go here.?
  • The right center of the grid represents creativity. Put any item that sparks creativity in this area.
  • The front right section represents travel. If you dream about going places, consider putting a photo of your favorite destination in this spot.
  • Your family life is represented by the left center of the desk, knowledge and wisdom by the front left corner and career is at the front and center area of your desk. A family photo, a reference book and motivational quotes should respectively go in these areas.?
  • Your health is represented by the center of the desk so you may want to keep it clutter-free all the time.