How to Enhance Sales with Non-Verbal Cues

cues can make or break a sale.

Non-verbal communication plays a crucial role in business,
particularly in retail environments. Studies indicate that 55% of the message
conveyed during a sales conversation can be attributed to body
and other non-verbal cues while 35% can be attributed to the tone
of voice used. Interestingly enough, only 7% can be attributed to the actual
words used during the conversation. ???

Considering the fact that most
people are highly visual and are affected by non-verbal cues, you need to be
more conscious of what your expressions and gestures are communicating to your
customers and prospects. Here are some ways by which you can enhance your sales
with the help of non-verbal communication.

Mind your posture. Stand straight and avoid slouching. Walk fast
and move with confidence. Look straight ahead and relax your shoulders when walking
so you don’t look tense. Maintaining a good
can give the impression that you are an active, confident and
effective person, and help you gain your prospect?s trust.

Give a firm handshake. Most people measure a person’s character
based on a handshake so you need to learn how to make the proper handshake to
increase your chances of closing the deal. People
with strong, firm handshakes are often perceived as dependable and
while those with weak handshakes appear fragile. ?

Practice eye contact. Use your eyes to build a connection. For best
results, keep your head up and maintain eye contact with the person you are
talking to. This can make them feel that you are interested in the
conversation. However, avoid staring since it can make you look confrontational
or intimidating.

Use positive body language. Studies indicate that your prospects usually
mimic your body language so use this to your advantage. Use “open”
body language to make your prospect more receptive to what you have to offer. Instead
of crossing your arms or your legs (these are usually taken as signs of a
closed mind, resistance or lack of interest), hang your arms comfortably at
your side or bring them together in your lap, and keep your feet on the floor
with ankles uncrossed.

Use affirmative
To increase your chances of making a sale, use gestures that can
help you show empathy (nodding your head or smiling) and interest (leaning in
slightly toward the person who is talking) whenever possible. Talking with your
hands can also help you look more credible and trustworthy.

Body language can define your success so consider these tips
and you can surely accomplish your career and business goals more easily.