How to Encourage Customers to Follow Through with Purchases

In order for any type of business to be successful, it must be able to ensure that it can have a steady income. In most cases, this means that customers are buying a product. Sometimes, customers will show interest in a product, but will not actually purchase the product. This failure to close the sale in the e-commerce world can happen for a number of different reasons.

1. Making Check Out Difficult

If actually checking out and attempting to pay for the product is a long process, it can deter the customer, or give them time to question their purchase. Additionally, if check out is difficult due to it not being simple, a customer may become frustrated and not buy the product.

2. Not Splitting the Check Out Process Into Simple Steps

In relation to the first point, the checkout system should be broken into simple steps. If it is all one long process, it may become cumbersome and the customer may decide not to buy the product.

3. Not Capturing the Intent

If a customer is interested in a product, there should be ways to follow up with them. It is important that you have a system in place that will reach out and contact the customer to see if they are still interested in the product.

4. Not Offering Enough Incentive

The customer should have a reason to purchase the product. This can include deals such as 50% off additional purchases or having a sale on a certain type of product. This will cause the customer to be interested in purchasing the product, and purchase more in the future.

5. Poor Mobile Checkout Service

If your website is simple and easy to check out on that is excellent, but make sure that you have a mobile version that works well too. Many customers are now purchasing products without even going on their computer to make sure that your mobile checkout service is simple to use as well.

6. Not Pointing Out the Exits

If a customer is ready to checkout, but they can’t find where they can do so, it may cause them to simply empty their cart and leave the website altogether. Make sure that it is simple to find the checkout button at a point.

7. Not Offering Free Shipping

If shipping is a high cost or an added cost, it will deter a customer from completing a purchase. A customer only wants to pay the price they see when they are initially checking out.

8. Not Looking Trustworthy

If your website doesn’t look legitimate and have customer reviews and secure methods of payment, a customer may take their service elsewhere to ensure that they aren’t getting scammed.

9. Not Reducing Buyer’s Remorse

Customers will feel guilty when they see how much money they are spending on a product, or when they are buying multiple products. To reduce this feeling, they must feel like the process goes quickly, and that they are getting a good deal on the product.

10. Not Implementing a Live Chat

A live chat will help answer any questions that a customer may have which will make them feel more confident as they make their purchase.