How To Benefit From Business App Boom

BENEThere’s a very open secret in the world of web-based software: Things change. Fast. That means that anytime is a good time for a startup to jump in. Just be prepared to be nimble. Continuously.

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has made it important for companies to empower their employees to be mobile. Meanwhile, in the office, things are also changing as more companies opt for “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) policies, see more employees working remotely, and move away from data centers to cloud-based software-as-a-service. And did we mention the rise of wearable devices, not to mention the “Internet of Things”? Put it all together and custom software companies have had a lot to be excited about, which is why the industry made Inc.’s 2014 list of the best industries for starting a business.

“Spend any time at a hackathon, and you’ll run into teams working on connecting [wearable devices] to the web in new and interesting ways,” says Jeffrey Hammond, a vice president and analyst at tech researcher Forrester. “It’s an extension of the work already going on with mobile.”

Burley Kawasaki, senior vice president of platform at Kony, Inc. agrees. “There’s so much innovation happening around mobility in different areas,” he says. “From wearables to cars to home automation to TV. And it’s not just vendor hype. We have a number of customers who want us to support a broader array of devices.”

Kony was founded in 2007, around the time mobile really took off in the U.S. The company develops tools that allow companies to make their own custom apps–differentiating itself from other vendors that work more like traditional agencies that lock up individual clients and work on their specific app. Kony is the second-fastest growing software company on the Inc. 5000 and sells its technology primarily to large global companies.

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