How to Become a Professional ?YouTuber?

YOu TubeWant to Become a Professional YouTuber? Here?s How

You may have seen recently that there have been ads on TV promoting the popular video sharing website, YouTube. These ads feature some of the biggest, most subscribed to channels on YouTube such as Michelle Phan (makeup tutorials, 6.6 million subscribers) and Epic Rap Battles of History (comedic rap songs with historical themes, 10.2 million subscribers) and a few others. These users are so popular that they?re actually earning enough money from their channels to no longer need to work regular jobs, and have become ?professional YouTubers.? Making money off YouTube isn?t easy, but we?ve got some tips on how to get started.

  • Find a Niche: If you want to be successful, find something you can do better than most people. This could be anything, from comedy to cooking to technology. For instance, maybe you?re a Photoshop wizard ? make tutorial videos that people can follow along and learn your skills.?
  • Be Engaging: The next thing to remember is to be engaging. You want your audience to enjoy watching the videos you upload, leave comments and interact. Use your personality. No matter what your channel is, a little humor can go a long way.?
  • Be Consistent: Post videos at regular intervals, so that audiences know when to tune in for new content. If you can have some kind of ?trademark? like an opening sequence or something else that appears in every video, it goes a long way towards establishing your ?brand?.
  • Leverage Contacts: Once you?ve gotten your channel and videos up, contact everybody asking them to watch it and share it. If you know a popular YouTuber, ask for a shout-out. Use Facebook, Twitter, etc. heavily for promotion.?
  • Become a Partner: Once you have a large number of subscribers, videos, and views, it?s time to start monetizing. Sign up to become a YouTube Partner, as well as signing up for Google?s AdSense service. This will enable ads on your videos, and you get a percentage of the advertising revenue. You get advertising revenue every time one of your videos is viewed, so the more often your videos are seen the more you?ll make!