How to Attract, Land and Maintain Clients for Your Small Business

attract clients, maintain clients, land clientsAttracting and maintaining clients is key to business success

Every small business dreams of making it big. They eagerly wait for that one big client that will set them way above their competition. However, while they may have the desire and the motivation to make it work, some small businesses do not know how to build and maintain a favorable relationship with such big clients. ?

So, how do you land your first big client and develop a long-term relationship with them? If you don’t want to maintain small business status forever, here are some suggestions that may help you achieve your goals. ??

Grab their attention. There is a slim chance that big clients will notice you if you don’t make the first move. So, think of creative ways to get their attention. You can start by mentioning them on your blogs, tweets and social media updates. You may likewise consider asking for referrals from mutual business partners or try connecting with them through your LinkedIn account. Express your interest of working with them and let them feel your enthusiasm regarding the possibility. Feel free to think outside the box and you may just get the results you need.

Know how they operate. Every big business has a set of rules in working with other businesses. As such, you should have an idea on how they choose whom they want to do business with. You should know whom to approach and how to do it the way they want it. While this may take some effort on your part, the rewards will surely be well worth it.

Know what they want. While your business may be offering a number of services, it is always best to know what your prospective client needs in order to understand what you should focus on. Try to let the client know that you can provide them with what they need to improve your chances of getting your foot in the door.

Focus on your strengths. If you are working on getting your first big client, don’t stress over the fact that you don’t have an impressive portfolio. Just focus on what you do best and try to turn your weaknesses into strength. Do this and you can expect to land your first big client soon.

Think big. While it may be enough for some to just get their foot in the door and work their way up, there are times when you shouldn’t maintain small business mentality. You may not believe how many times small businesses lose their chance of landing some big clients just because they gave the impression that they are ‘too small’ to provide what the client needs.

Aim for long-term business relationships. Maintaining long-term business relationships can help you grow your business, so give it your best shot. Offer impeccable service and listen to your clients’ input. The more valuable you become to your client, the more likely they’ll keep doing business with you.