How to Apply for a Job When You Appear to be Overqualified

I know several recent graduates who are facing this dilemma: They see a job they’re interested in, but based on their education and experience they’re slightly overqualified. How can they sell themselves if the job is one they really want because it offers them an opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience in an area they want to learn more about?

The good news is that most positions outline the minimum requirements for positions they’re hiring for — which means being overqualified won’t automatically disqualify someone from getting a second look, notes Keirsten A. Greggs, founder of TRAP Recruiter, LLC.

“Being slightly overqualified could be a good thing if your skills and experience fall into the ‘desired qualifications’ bucket,” Greggs says.

How to apply for a job when you appear to be overqualifiedFletcher adds, “It’s imperative that slightly overqualified candidates speak to the ‘Why’ (as in, why they’re interested in the role) and ‘What’ (as in what value they’ll bring to the organization if they’re selected). This will deliver the assurance that hiring managers are looking for to eradicate any doubt that they may have regarding motive and motivation.”

(Article written by Kathleen Furore)