How to Always be Connected to Wi-Fi

get wifi everywhereLearn some innovative ways to get free Wi-Fi on the go.

Most people nowadays feel the need to be connected all the time. They want to stay connected with their work, family and friends wherever they go. This can be a bit of a problem when you are traveling or are going out of the house for more than a few hours, especially since personal Wi-Fi can be expensive. To overcome this problem, here are some ways that can help you find free Wi-Fi anywhere you go.

7 Easy Ways to Find Free Wi-Fi

Know which businesses free Wi-Fi. A lot of businesses offer free Wi-Fi so get to know which of them do and start compiling a list of these places. Consider starting your search with the most likely places such as hotel lobbies, big chains (such as Starbucks and McDonald?s), the airport, university campus, and coffee shops. You may also find free Wi-Fi in several places where you least expected it so consider checking out truck stops, auto shops, railway stations, courts and parks.

Connect to your cable company?s or internet provider?s wireless hotspots. Few people realize that they can connect to free hotspots provided by their cable company or internet provider. So, if you are a current Comcast/Xfinity and/or Time Warner Cable subscriber, you probably have access to a network of hotspots in areas where they operate. Check with your cable or internet provider to see if they provide free Wi-Fi access.

Uncover hidden networks. You can uncover more free Wi-Fi connections on the go than you have ever imagined by using a hotspot database such as WeFi. You can also discover hidden networks by using apps such as JiWire?s Free Wi-Fi Finder, Hotspot Haven, Hotspotr, FreeZone, WifiTrack and WiFiFoFum, to name a few.

Sign up for loyalty programs. Joining loyalty programs will provide you with free perks such as free Wi-Fi in exchange for your email address. To avoid flooding your email with deals and promotions, use a strong spam blocker or use a separate email address for this purpose.

Look for coupon codes. There are a lot of ways by which you can find coupons to get free Wi-Fi connection on the go. Use sites such as RetailMeNot to find free vouchers and follow businesses that regularly offer free WiFi access on Twitter.

Try spoofing. If you find free Wi-Fi connection but your access is limited to a few hours, you can try to get around the set time limit by spoofing your MAC address. Use an app such as MAC Makeup to get continuous Wi-Fi access.

Tether your phone. Android phone users can easily piggyback on their phone?s internet connection by tethering their phone using apps such as PdaNet, Wireless Tether for Root Users, Barnacle WiFi Tether and WiFi Tethering.