How Technology Can Help You Get a Better Night?s Sleep

There is a new wave of technology that is designed to help you sleep better.

A good night?s sleep is crucial to a healthier you. Right now, there are several apps and devices that will allow you to monitor, analyze, and take advantage of your sleep cycle. What does this all mean?? A better night?s sleep?and who couldn?t use that?

Your Sleep Cycle

Sleep is cyclical?simply put, there are times where you are in a deep sleep and should not be interrupted. Ever woken up unbelievably groggy even though you?ve had the recommended number of hours of sleep? This is likely because you are waking up at an inopportune time during your sleep cycle.

Several apps are now available?working with your smartphone and/or an accompanying device?to track your sleep cycle and wake you up at a preferred time. If you want a better night?s sleep, check out Sleep Cycle, SleepBot (Android), FitBit One, Jawbone Up, or Beddit. These latter three will require an additional hardware purchase, but all work by monitoring your movement at night and waking you up when you will feel most rested.

Can?t Fall Asleep?

If your problem is falling asleep, there are apps out there that can help you. Check out Sleep for the iPhone, which provides soothing sounds to lull you into a deep sleep. Still having trouble? Check out Insomnia Cure for a content-packed app aimed at helping you achieve that elusive good night?s sleep.

Still Can?t Get Up?

Tried the sleep cycle apps and still unable to pull yourself out of bed? Fortunately, your smartphone can help with this problem. For example, the Wake N Shake app requires you to shake your phone once the alarm goes off?long enough to fill up the ?shake meter.? You can set various difficulty levels depending on how resistant you are in the morning.