How Ogo Ekweozor Is Building a Fashion Brand & Movement

OgoOgo Ekweozor may have a law degree but her heart is in fashion. In fact, she began her career in fashion at the age of 22. ?She not only has she got her own fashion -based company called OGONYC, which started off in the United Kingdom and is now selling in the United States, she has started a fashion movement–Fashion For Freedom movement–in 2013. The goal of the movement is to provide women an opportunity to run their own OGONYC fashion business. OGONYC offers packages to those who want to join the ?movement, a Platinum Kit for $1,499 containing the entire season limited edition collection and a Gold Kit at $799 with 50 percent of the entire collection.

Ekweozor also founded the 3rd Annual True Beauty Women’s Celebration. The event donates 30 percent of its proceeds to Justice Rising, an organization that helps countries affected by war by educating children at risk, creating sustainable jobs and developing community leaders.

Ogo Ekweozor told her plans for the future. Why did you start the True Beauty Women’s Celebration?
Ogo Ekweozor: After attending events geared towards women’s personal and career development, I realized there was a need for a more holistic approach. Can you tell me what happened during the celebration?
Ogo Ekweozor: We combined multiple elements: networking, shopping, speakers, coaching on personal and career development. We had a lunch as well. The event finished with a fierce runway show debuting our fall 2017 collection. ? What will be new for the next event?
Ogo Ekweozor: After reviewing attendees’ feedback, we will be adding one more day to make it a two-day event. Why do you donate 30% to Justice Rising?

Ogo Ekweozor: We believe in making every effort to lift and equip those in need, especially women and children. As a result, every element of our brand, whether it be OGONEWYORK or Truebeauty, includes an aspect of social impact. Justice Rising is an amazing organization geared towards restoring rape victims and child soldiers by offering education and holistic healing. This is something we, as a brand, are passionate about and want to see more of. Why did you decide to start your fashion line?

Ogo Ekweozor: Out of necessity. I was raised and worked in England as a managing director of a marketing firm at age 22. I found it challenging to find edgy business clothing for women that was easy to transition from day to night so I decided to create my own line. How would you describe your fashion line?
Ogo Ekweozor: Elegant, edgy clothing for a woman of style and substance. What makes your fashion line different?
Ogo Ekweozor: Our stylistic detail with an edge not often seen in affordable business clothing alongside our focus on social impact marks the OGONEWYORK collections unique from other brands that cater to the corporate woman.