How Money Works

“How Money Works” Seminar

The three root causes of the financial problems most families face are:
1. Failure to Plan
2. Being uninformed
3. Misinformation

This informative seminar will discuss the following issues:
? The Rule of 72
? Debt Stacking
? Revolving Debt Traps
? How Your Life Insurance Policy Works
? Understand and apply these principles, and you could change the face of your financial situation.

Sunday July 29th 2012 at 3:30pm
PRIMERICA: 5502 Avenue N – Brooklyn, NY 11234

Hosted by: Mr. Eric Caine

To reserve a seat or to request a personal appointment, please call (718) 832-5616.

How can you reach your financial goals and dreams? Let Primerica teach you the fundamental concepts that have helped millions of our clients.