How Michael Jackson Earned Over $700 Million Since His Death

Add up the earnings of Jay Z, Taylor Swift and Kanye West since 2009, and the total is $544 million. It?s an astounding sum, but Michael Jackson has earned more than all three?combined?since his death five years ago.

The King of Pop has pulled in over $700 million during that span, more than any artist dead or alive, and he shows no signs of slowing down. His latest postmortem release, Xscape, debuted at No. 2 on the charts in May; weeks later, a virtual Michael Jackson moonwalked across the stage at the Billboard Music Awards.

? He was the definition of what a superstar was,? explained Christopher ?Ludacris? Bridges in an interview for my book, Michael Jackson, Inc. ?There?s an intangible energy whenever you listen to his music that you can?t even explain.?

It seems only fitting that Jackson is now changing the definition of what?s possible for an entertainer to achieve in the years after his passing. The King of Pop?s postmortem earnings have come from a variety of sources, ranging from traditional to revolutionary.

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