How to Increase Brand Recognition with Social Media

Social media and growing your biz

Social media platforms can help market your business

In order to grow your profits, you first need to grow your business. And a big part of growing your business is making potential customers more aware of your business and exactly what type of service you can provide. While there are a number of ways to market your company, one of the easiest and most effective ways of doing so is investing effort in social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Many people think social media is just for personal use. Wrong. The likes of Twitter and Facebook are now becoming crucial business-building tools as well. For instance, by keeping updated social media pages, businesses can stay in touch with customers and clients and keep them updated on any sales, coupons, news or anything else that is relevant to their business operations. And continuous updates help build brand recognition with your current customers, as well as any potential customers. But there’s a bigger reason that social media could be a driving force in growing your brand and your business, and thereby increasing profits: search engines are starting to weigh social media usage into search engine results.

So if you’re active on social media, your business will appear higher up in search engine results than those that aren’t active on social media. For instance, say you’re a children’s toy store chain and you’re very active on social media. If someone were to “Google” keywords such as “children’s toys” or something of a similar variety, your business would likely appear high in the search results, partially because of your activity on social media. Considering that search engine results are a huge way for businesses to land leads, this is something that’s only going to continue to grow in terms of importance for businesses moving forward. Just think – if you’re not using social media, you could be throwing away lots of business.

If you haven’t already set up Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts for your business, it’s easy to get started. Simply log on to the respective home pages of each of the social media platforms and create your account. Maintaining such accounts doesn’t have to be all-consuming either. Simply shoot to update each account about once per day to keep fresh content coming in through each of the mediums. On Twitter, you should also be using hash tags (#) and tweeting your followers in the hopes that they will re-Tweet you to their followers, thereby opening you up to more potential clients. The same goes for Facebook – don’t be afraid to engage over Facebook with your friends. This helps lend credibility and personalize your social media accounts. This is important because it shows that there’s an actual voice behind each of the mediums and not just automatic content feeds. Think about it – customers would much rather talk to a person than an automated voice answering service.

Social media is too important to be ignored. Set up your accounts, update your accounts and watch your business grow today.

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