How To Gain Access to Clients and Get the Job You Want

How To Gain Access to Clients and Get the Job You Want Educational & Networking Breakfast Culinary Conference Center guests receive a $2.00 discount for the Impark parking structure, located across the street. Admission: $25 for members, $35 for non-members Gain new insight from our experts on how to obtain and retain clients or transition to a new career or position by developing key skills: interviewing, networking, social media and knowledge about current job trends. The discussion will be moderated by Laurel Weber Snyder, Founder and Owner of Well Spoken. Panelists include: Lisa Rangel, Managing Director of Chameleon Resumes, who will discuss how to package yourself on paper, research the best targets and how to reach them. Janet Neal, New Business Development Manager at Above & Beyond, Inc., who will focus on the best ways to network for success and how to make the best use of social media to meet your goals. Eli Amdur, author of the weekly Career Coach advice column, will discuss where the jobs are now, where will they be within the next several years and how to position yourself to take advantage of them. Laurel Weber Snyder, owner of Well Spoken, public speaking coaching services, has coached hundreds of executives, physicians and pre and post-graduates in on-camera presentation, live appearances, relationship building and job interview skills.