How Find a Position with Great Job Security

Listen to warning voices that a job may not be ideal when you are interviewing for it.

Job security no longer is defined by working for the same employer until retirement. Instead, it means having the skill set for jobs in fields that will always be in demand. To find a position with great job security, expect the best of yourself and look for fields that are always in need.

1. Listen to Your Gut During The Interview or During The Early Days Of a Job
Many people ignore the whispered voices of warning in the backs of their heads when they go for interviews or when they have just begun jobs. For example, they hope that the angry and demanding boss will become easier to cope with. The fact is that when you are new at a job is often the best time to look for work elsewhere. Find another job and leave before you become too entrenched. Being unhappy at work affects your performance and makes you more susceptible to layoffs.

2. Stick to a Certain Trade or Industry
Electrician, pilot, repairman, and plumber are some examples of trade-based jobs that offer tremendous versatility and that are always in demand. You can work for a company or be self-employed; the choice is truly yours. You can gain also many specialized certifications for higher pay.

Health care jobs such as dentist, nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist and ultrasound technician will always be necessary. They offer tremendous versatility and opportunity, both horizontal and vertical.

The insurance industry is another field in which there will always be demand; it does well even in times of recession. Claims, marketing, underwriting, investigation, information technology and human resources are some of the career tracks in the insurance industry.

Government jobs are also among the most stable, and they encompass all fields and education levels.