How Can You Start Your Day Right? Let Us Count the Ways

Get more out of life by starting your
day right.

There is nothing better than starting the
day right. After all, it can set the overall tone of the day and make you feel
better about life in general. While this sounds simple enough, accomplishing this
task can be a great challenge for most of us, especially since we have to dash
off to work and get our kids ready for school on a daily basis.

As if these were not enough, we also have
to deal with the weather and the traffic on our way to work. Aren’t these
things enough to leave you feeling stressed and grumpy all throughout the day?
Well, they shouldn’t ? if you know the key to starting your day right!

Your Day Right: Some Useful Tips to Consider

Okay, so what can you do to set the right
tone for the day? How can you start your day without stressing yourself out? Here
are some useful tips that can help you greet each day with a smile.

before you retire for the night.
There is nothing
more frustrating than having to deal with a plethora of things during the early
morning hours. However, you can avoid feeling rushed by preparing your
breakfast menu and organizing your to-do list before going to bed. You should
also prepare your clothes and your car keys to avoid useless scrambling before
heading off to work.

a positive morning ritual.
A 15-minute early morning meditation can stimulate
the brain and help you get rid of negative energy while reading inspirational quotes
and stories can give you positive thoughts that can keep you inspired all throughout
the day. Don’t read the newspaper or watch the early morning news. It wouldn’t
be the best way to start your day.

a regular exercise routine.
Studies show that
regular exercise can help keep you energized, enhance your mood and counteract the
negative effects of stress
. Studies also indicate that regular exercise may
prevent you from losing your memory and learning capacity as you age. In fact,
regular exercise
may even make you smarter
, as researchers at Dana-Farber and Harvard Medical
School recently discovered. So, do yoga, get some aerobic training or start
walking. It will definitely do you, and your day, a lot of good.

no to coffee.
While coffee can instantly provide
you a great morning boost, it can sometimes send you into overdrive and make your
stomach uncomfortable. To satisfy your craving for caffeine, drink a refreshing cup of green tea instead.?

something to look forward to.
You will definitely
greet each day with a smile if you have something to look forward to during the