How Businesswoman Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede Pays It Forward

YetundeEntrepreneur/philanthropist Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede has accomplished a lot–and that?s even an understatement. Born and raised in New Jersey, Odugbesan is of Nigerian heritage. She has an impressive resume and an even more impressive lists of accomplishments.

She?s a global motivational speaker, an advocate for the empowerment of women, a life coach, business consultant and trainer, professor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Odugbesan-Omede is currently a PhD candidate at Division of Global Affairs Rutgers University, where she will obtain her doctoral degree in Global Affairs. On top of this, she is also an adjunct faculty member of Political Science at Rutgers and International Studies at Adelphi University where she teaches Comparative Politics and Global Issues.

Odugbesan-Omede, who graduated from the United Nations Worldview Institute executive training program for business executives and professionals, received her master’s degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Law from Rutgers.? She earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies with a double minor in Organizational Leadership and Africana Studies from Rutgers.? There?s more: in 2014, she was appointed to the Board of Barack Obama Green Charter High School in Plainfield, NJ. She is also the Chair of Youth Affairs for Nigerians in the Diaspora Organization.?

Amazingly, Odugbesan-Omede still finds time to run her own business. She is the CEO of Yetunde Global Consulting, LLC., a management consulting firm that specializes in leadership development and training, organizational management and business branding.? And she is the founder of Young Woman’s Guide, an organization offering holistic leadership development for young. On top of all of this, she created Putting Your Best Self Forward, a personal and professional advice online platform.? Based in Massapequa, NY, Odugbesan-Omede recently authored Young Woman’s Guide.

Odugbesan-Omede shared more about her mission which she says is to “pay it forward.” What led you to write ?Young Woman’s Guide??

Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede: I am a huge advocate for women empowerment especially the development of young women. I founded an organization called Young Woman’s Guide, which focuses on providing leadership development for young women from all backgrounds. Our goal is to ensure that young women are prepared and groomed to lead. In ?Young Woman’s Guide,? I share my personal stories and advice on how young women can put their best self forward. It is a self-help book that contains how-to advice, tips and tools for young women to live a purposeful and well-rounded life. It features timeless topics on leadership, professional, personal, and emotional development. It calls and challenges young women to shine brightly and lead powerfully. The book is filled with empowering practical messages that promote good habits, cultivate positive attitudes and build self-confidence, my goal was to write a book that serves as a guiding light for young women on their journey of womanhood. What do you hope readers learn from the book?

YO: That as a young woman you should never apologize for your gifts and talents. Never downplay your achievements or goals and to continue striving to be your best in all aspects. In the book, I cover so many topics that are important and relatable to many of the experiences that women go through. Most importantly, I want young woman to know that they have a divine purpose and to always put their self forward. When and why did you start Yetunde Global Consulting, LLC.?

YO: I founded Yetunde Global Consulting in 2011. Yetunde Global Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in leadership development and training and organizational management. I am passionate about leadership development and believe that in order for organizations, companies and individuals to reach their fullest potential, they must invest in the leadership development of their employees as well as themselves.

At Yetunde Global Consulting, our vision is to raise the bar of excellence. Successful entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals and individuals know the importance of investing in leadership development. Our specialized and innovative coaching and consulting services represent a valuable investment in initiating changes today and realizing achievements tomorrow. They are designed for leaders and organizations with aggressive visions and ambitious goals. Tell me more about the Young Woman’s Guide organization?

YO: Young Woman?s Guide, Inc., is an organization focused on providing holistic leadership development and personal empowerment for young women from all backgrounds. We have various initiatives and programs under Young Woman’s Guide. We hold leadership conferences every year as well as our Dream Board Initiative Project. Our areas of expertise are building self confidence, leadership development, philanthropy and service, career and professional guidance, entrepreneurship, and innovation and emotional wellness. You are of Nigerian heritage, do you go to Nigeria often?

YO: Yes, since I was little, my parents would take me to Nigeria to visit family and I was very much raised with Nigerian traditions and values. Although I was born and raised in the U.S., I was brought up in a traditional yet contemporary Nigerian household. Now, as an I adult I often go to Nigeria twice a year for speaking engagements and consulting projects or as my schedule permits. How does your African heritage play into any of your project, if it does?

YO: In a Nigerian household, doing your best and excelling in your academics is extremely important. So, at a young age, I was taught and encouraged to be excellent and to take my education seriously. In addition, I had very loving, supporting and nurturing parents who consistently empowered me to put my best self forward. So now, those same values of excellence, education, hard work and living a purposeful life are what I take to the boardroom and implement in all my projects. How do you juggle it all?

YO: I love everything that I do and make a conscious effort to bring my best in every aspect of my life. I strive to be a well rounded and whole individual and the only way to do so is to maintain a healthy balance. What do you feel are the biggest obstacles young women face today?

YO: Young women face peer pressure to behave and look a certain way from what they see on social media. In addition, young women are second guessing their ability to succeed. The purpose of ?Young Woman’s Guide? and writing the book is to ensure that young women have positive affirmations and a healthy and safe community to flourish and be bold.