How Black People Have Advanced In Broadcast News And Journalism

    Black people news professionals have advanced in the field of broadcast news and journalism at an inspiring rate over the last decade. Both in major network news and under the tutelage of educational leaders through institutes such as the Maynard Institute and the Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies, black people news professionals are groomed from the university level to step into positions of influence and power with poise and confidence in the broadcast news and journalism arenas.

    Broadcast news and journalism are not confined to the medium of television, radio, and film anymore ? with the advent of widely trafficked online news media platforms such as, black people news professionals are now able to share their messages about news stories that are often overlooked or outright ignored by the mainstream mass media through media that are friendly and supportive of timely news that is relevant to the interests of both African Americans and the local, national, and international community.

    To further these advances, groups friendly to broadcast news and journalism have created innovative initiatives such as the Haiti News Project which made headlines in its attempt to assist Haitian journalists in the aftermath of the earthquake in early 2010. This initiative catapulted black people news professionals into the limelight with such mainstream news organizations as the American Society of News Editors (ASNE) and the Inter-American Press Association as well as bringing national attention to African American broadcast news and journalism agencies like the National Association of Black Journalists,, and UNITY: Journalists of Color. For each step forward by black people news professionals, there has been a clear community and unity focus to the progress that is now evident. It is clear that the impact of support from within the African American community has paved the way for the entrance of black people news professionals into the general broadcast news and journalism community.

    The diversity in mainstream broadcast news and journalism is also a testament to the hard work, dedication, perseverance, and sheer talent of black people news professionals nationwide. Each in their respective media and news outlets, courageous trailblazers such as Oprah Winfrey, Mo?Nique, Tyra Banks, Melanie Lawson, Ken Jones, Earl Cadwell, William Raspberry, and Charlayne Hunter-Gault are all testaments to the new opportunities that have opened up following their stunning success in mainstream broadcast news and journalism.

    Not only have black people news professionals advanced in broadcast news and journalism over the last decade, but the influx has also advanced the industry and profession of news and journalism as a whole. Adding flair, style, social conscience, and a truly international focus to areas of the world and the news that were previously under reported, black people news professionals have persisted in giving voice to those issues and individuals who previously had none, and have achieved international recognition and gratitude for their efforts through such awards as the National Association of Black Journalists ?Hall of Fame? Awards.