How Black News Offers Candid Interviews and Entertainment Insight

    Black news is an excellent, trusted source of candid interviews with major established and up and coming African Americans who are influential in the entertainment and arts world. With the wide variety of news feeds and reports that are available on a daily basis to African Americans, it is important to find sources of news feeds and news reports that are reliable, accurate, and appropriate to the reading audience. This is why black news reports and media that have a focused expertise covering candid interviews with noted established and up and coming celebrities from within the African American community and globally are becoming the news sources of choice for savvy readers. Sites such as The Network Journal, which offers an online as well as a monthly printed black news magazine, are widely popular throughout the African American community. They also welcome a global readership daily.

    African American arts and entertainment notables such as the universally beloved Maya Angelou are regularly featured in breaking news on trusted black news sources such as The Network Journal at Candid interviews with these difficult to reach, yet much in demand, stars can provide major insight into the power and influence that African American entertainment icons have on the pride and cohesiveness of the black community as a whole. Black news candid interviews provide insight into the lives of admirable persons of substance such as Condoleeza Rice, who grew up in the deep south during the Jim Crow era, and persevered to become one of the most powerful, influential, and impactful African American personalities not only in politics and economics, but also in her role on the board of advisors for the National Academy of Arts and Sciences.

    Nelson Mandela, while often a black news feature of late after the movie about his life, Invictus, recently announced his own book ?Conversations With Myself?, which provides a candid interview-like intensely personal portrait of Mandela, his family, his life, his struggles, and his triumphs. With candid interviews and black news portraits of such influential personalities such as Mandela, the African American and global community legacy is highlighted and also preserved for future generations to learn from and from which to gain inspiration. Black news also offers entertainment insight by showcasing influential African Americans in the arts and music world ? including influential families such as the Marsalis family, which took the show on the road by visiting Cuba to perform in Havana. With these types of impactful portraits, black news offers inspiration to the next generation of artists, musicians, and creatives who dream big through the eyes of mentors and trailblazers who have gone before them. African American readers of such publications as The Network Journal also enjoy sharing these stories with their children, encouraging them to continue achieving excellence and building on their community?s legacy of change, courage, and hope for the future. Through candid interviews, entertainment insight, and breaking black news features, sites such as are inspiring global community cohesiveness and success.