How Black Entrepreneurs Can Market Services Through The Network Journal

    Black entrepreneursThe Network Journal is the ideal venue for Black entrepreneurs to market services they provide. The Network Journal is a valuable resource trusted by black professionals and business owners for relevant commentary and news on a wide range of issues affecting business. Market services with the Network Journal through advertising or in a business profile is a great way to reach other black entrepreneurs.

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    The average reader of The Network Journal is a college educated professional with an average income of about $125K, and a net worth of over $600K, according to a recent research study. Black entrepreneurs can access this population through market services offered by The Network Journal, in print and online.

    Some businesses and business owners are fortunate to receive indirect marketing services through monthly articles profiling black entrepreneurs and their businesses. These features are designed to offer insight into how certain businesses are run, and the strategies they use. A business profile featured in The Network Journal gives the reader a glimpse into the inn r-workings of that business.

    The most direct way for black entrepreneurs to market services through The Network Journal is with print advertising. The print ad provides the advertiser with a direct line of communication to this upwardly mobile and professional population who are readers of the magazine. This is a well educated population, on the lookout for things to enhance their lives and businesses, with money to spend.

    In addition to the print advertisements, black entrepreneurs who wish to reach this audience can supplement those ads with online advertising. Online advertisements at complement the print ads nicely as a way to bundle and add significant value to marketing services through The Network Journal. There are many potential customers who access the Journal online, significantly broadening the reach of an advertisement.

    In addition to news and commentary, the readers of The Network Journal turn to it for trusted information about trends in business and careers and for information about resources available to black entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals.

    The two annual events held by The Network Journal are: 25 Influential Black Women in Business Luncheon, held in March, and the 40 under Forty Achievement Awards Dinner, held in June. Partnering with The Network Journal through marketing services brings attention to the advertisers from the impressive honorees at these events, as well.

    The market services available through The Network Journal, is a smart way for black entrepreneurs to market their businesses. It provides a great avenue to reach a demographic that can support these businesses through the ?network? of The Network Journal.