How Black Culture Plays An Essential Role In Black Politics

    Black culture has always played an essential role in the development of black politics. In the past 50 years, black culture and black politics has been able to thrive in America with the important contributions of African Americans in the areas of literature, music, and sports. Black culture has now become a powerful force that is among the most popular and influential cultures in the nation. With the recognition of a black president of the United States, we are able to witness firsthand how black culture plays an important role in the progression of black politics.

    After the civil rights movement, the late 60s and 70s became a blossoming time of advancement and creativity for black culture in America and the acceptance of black politics. By the 1990s, blacks were able to prove to the people who doubted their abilities that they were mistaken. Black culture has positively contributed to the advancement and popular achievements in music, film, and professional sports such as football and basketball. Americans were able to see a number of positive black role models such as Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, who were followed by legions of fans all over the country. The accomplishments of these rising stars in black culture had a definite impact on the acceptance and popularity of a growing number of black politicians such as Jesse Jackson. Black politics began to slowly evolve through the years despite the setbacks and negative criticism of many Caucasians who may have not been ready for equal rights among all citizens and were opposed to the changes and advancement of black politics in America.
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    Black culture has now developed its own unique style that the younger generations of America are greatly fond of. With forums such as Black Entertainment Television, black culture has its own exclusive media device that is able to operate on its own two feet, free from the involvement of the demands of other mainstream networks. Black culture affects black politics by motivating and persuading people to take action with the influence of radio and television. One may argue that one of the major contributing factors of the growth of black politics, and the fact that Obama won the election, was because he had a great deal of support by key people in black culture and people in the entertainment industry.

    Black culture and business is currently continuing to grow and change with the times. Black voices will continue to be heard in America and African American citizens of this country will continue to be a major part of the Democratic Party for years to come. With the addition of creative ideas in the realm of science, arts, and entertainment, African Americans should continue to provide insightful contributions to society and bring a breath of fresh air into many fields by adding their own unique flavor to things. Black culture has found a home in America and it no longer reflects the oppression echoed in our history.