How Black Celeb News Covers The Latest In Fashion And Entertainment

    Black celeb news covers the gamut from politics, business, and social causes, all the way to fashion and entertainment. Black celeb news readers keep abreast of the latest breaking news through the newest trend in news dissemination?multi-purpose news sources such as, which provide live and continuous web based news streaming and updates, as well as a monthly print magazine and the ability to convey interesting tidbits via an integrated social media platform. From fashion and design to entertainment and music, black celeb news gives African American readers the chance to be in the know, and in the loop, whatever their arena of influence and interest.

    As African inspired fashions are beginning to bloom on America?s runways, thanks in part to First Lady Obama?s stunning and ever changing wardrobe, news magazines like have even more opportunity to cover exciting fashions from artists on major runways around the world. In the world of dance, black celeb news includes the latest from hip-hop to ballet, including the First Lady?s all-time favorite dancer and choreographer, Judith Jameson of the Alvin Alley Dance Theater. The First Lady?s penchant for fashion and entertainment, including designers like Peter Soronen, is bringing a spotlight back to the fashion tastes and preferences of African Americans nationwide. This bodes well for up and coming fashionistas and designers who are always seeking new avenues to capitalize on breaking trends.

    In the world of fashion and entertainment, black celeb news showcases how African American celebrities and dignitaries are combining the arts with social causes, politics and affairs dear to the African American community?s heart. News sources such as give up-to-the-minute coverage of inspiring African American leaders such as Bill and Camille Cosby and Stevie Wonder, who were recently granted honorary doctoral degrees from Oberlin University, a prestigious arts university, for their significant contributions to arts and culture. And when Rwandan President Paul Kagame strode on stage at the Tribeca Film Festival to lend his support and voice to this important black celeb news arts, fashion and entertainment event, news magazines like were already on top of the breaking story to let the African American community know about this significant event.

    Black celeb news covers the gamut in fashion and entertainment, from Jazz Fest in New Orleans to Cirque du Soleil?s new live touring show featuring the life and music of Michael Jackson, to poetry giant Jewel Allison?s newest poetic releases and the movers and shakers behind the epic film ?Precious,? black celeb news gives every African American access to inspiring breaking news about how the community is creating and supporting new avenues for the community?s voice to be heard across the nation and around the world. Through news sources such as online news magazine, monthly print magazines, and social media platform, the African American community stays informed, up-to-date and ready to respond to the latest breaking black celeb news.