How A Black Business Woman Can Enhance Business Through Print Media

    As a black business woman, advertising is essential; without an effective marketing campaign your business is virtually doomed. These days, there are a myriad of ways to advertise your enterprise–radio, television, and Internet just to name a few. But for a black business woman with limited resources or on a limited advertising budget, some outlets are less than optimal. Radio and television are extremely expensive, and with over-saturation of Internet businesses, social media sites and the like, advertising online can sometimes backfire. You don?t want your message gets lost amid the abundance of information available on the information superhighway. You need to find a way to make your business stand out. And this is where utilizing the benefits of print media comes into play.

    Think back to some of the most successful advertising campaigns of the past and the medium used to reach the largest number of engaged consumers. For decades, print media has been an effective way to reach a target audience with a specific interest. Print medium is influential with niche markets. Bankers and financiers rely upon The Wall Street Journal. The source of local events has always been the local community newspaper. And the same goes for music magazines, trade journals, and the like–they all attract specific people with specific interests. You can also use print media to your advantage as a black business woman.

    Aside from being sure to reach the target audience, print media allows you as a black business woman to control the image that comes to mind when a consumer thinks about your business. And the image you portray is crucial to the growth of your business. If your target audience is young, urban males under 25, your print media campaign should be trendy, cool and masculine. On the other hand, if your product or service is designed for a black business woman between the ages of 35 and 50, then your print media advertisement should reflect a more serious, responsible, businesslike tone.

    In general, print media has some advantages that you, as a modern black business woman, should take notice of:

    ? Print advertising reaches older adults, especially Baby Boomers and their elders. This demographic grew up on print media, and they are most comfortable with it. A savvy black business woman will use this to her advantage.

    ? Print media reaches other business people. If you are a black business woman conducting a B2B enterprise, this is a surefire way to reach your audience.

    ? Print media equals publicity. As a black business woman, you must leverage the uniqueness of your business offerings by using products such as press releases. A press release comes at little or no cost to you, proves that your business is newsworthy and therefore ? in the mind of readers ? reputable.

    For the black business woman who may have a limited advertising budget and limited resources, using print media effectively can mean the difference between being a good business, and being a great one.