How Black Business News Offers Commercial Insight And Development

    Black business news is a rich and often untapped source of commercial development and insight. This is good news for busy black professionals who have limited time to peruse black business news and need to be able to capture relevant, timely highlights as they are occurring. Commercial development is all about staying abreast of important new opportunities for networking, connection, community building and strategic economic shifts. Commercial development extends far beyond the traditional associations, as they may relate primarily to real estate development. Account managers, sales professionals, political and social agency professionals are also commercial development architects who require timely infusions of black business news to monitor growth and development opportunities in their spheres of influence.

    News distribution platforms such as, one of only two main black business magazines in the U.S. that focuses on business matters and also provides African American news, financial news, and career growth strategies, are one way that increasing numbers of African Americans are accessing real-time black business news updates in the commercial development sector. From reports on fluctuations in the economy that may affect interest rates, loan availability, and receptiveness to new commercial development initiatives, to how to best prepare a venture capital pitch and how to approach financing institutions for the best chance of gaining approval for a new loan, black business news is a wealth of information to help African American business owners and entrepreneurs position themselves for success and growth. Black business news helps members of the African American community stay connected with what others in the black business network are doing as well as staying current with international news that affects black business leaders around the globe.

    For entrepreneurs and visionaries who are seeking out timely black business news to showcase new opportunities for networking and growth, news distribution sources such as, with its real-time online news platform and monthly print magazine, delivers breaking news about new grant opportunities, funding initiatives, franchising opportunities, how the environmental and ?green? activists are shaping the future of commercial development, how technology can dress up even the most solid commercial development proposal, and tax breaks that can make or break small businesses Even more exciting, news platforms such as give commercial insight into international opportunities for African American developers, such as the 2010 initiative launched by the African Diaspora Marketplace that has already awarded 10 grants to U.S.-based African American entrepreneurs who wish to start commercial enterprises in their home countries.

    Enterprising, socially-minded developers, through access to black business news that highlights unique development opportunities from around the world can now realize that no dream is too big and no opportunity out of reach for commercial development success. With the help of news platforms such as, black business news is now accessible throughout the business day to bright, talented, successful African American developers everywhere who are working hard to make an impact for the African American community, both in the U.S. and around the world.