How African Business News Highlights Commercial Growth And Development

    African business news in the recent past has revealed that with a democracy, African nations can enjoy sustained political as well as commercial growth. One example is the SSA where a select group of nations with diversities has seen a rise of per capita income by 50% ever since mid-90s. Notably, as the remaining nations in SSA continue to stagnate.

    Rise to Power
    Consistently, African business news continues to highlight the growing commercial success of African American professionals. Take the example of Karen Williams whose commercial growth is almost unprecedented. According to African business news sources, Williams, an Associate Publisher in the marketing division of Essence, has recently been promoted as vice president sales and marketing. Another case in point is President Obama?s appointment of Donna James as the chairperson of NWBC or the National Women?s Business Council. James has previously served in the position of managing director at Lardon and Associates LLC.

    Flair for Entrepreneurship
    African business news shows off African American professionals have always had an entrepreneurial streak in them. When Lavinia Awosanya started her fledgling public relations and marketing business during 2005, she had just lost her job, was expecting her second child and she had very little money and no semblance of a business plan. Yet, today Awosanya is the proud owner of Event Mood Corp and her commercial growth is nothing short of phenomenal. African business news is abuzz with success stories of the likes of Awosanya. Tina Knowles, mother of Beyonce Knowles, began her foray into fashion by designing outfits for the popular group Destiny?s Child. Once Beyonce went solo in singing, Tina continued designing for her daughter. Slowly but surely, Tina has inched her way into fashion and is now signing a deal with Wal-Mart. Tina will be launching her latest clothing line called Miss Tina.

    Influential African American Women in Business

    In African business news, is one of the big players. Each year, TNJ awards the top 25 influential Black women in business. This award was launched during March 1999 and ever since, the award has come to symbolize the rising commercial growth and success of Afro American women. Typically, honorees of this award from TNJ are business owners, partners, CEOs, presidents or an executive from senior management who have significant authority and decision-making roles in government, corporate as well as nonprofit sectors. In a similar context, African business news major TNJ also has an award for under 40 Black Achievers. This award outlines the commercial growth of management executives or business owners aged under 40 years who have significant authority and decision-making roles in the corporate, government or nonprofit sectors.

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