How African American Owned Businesses Help The Community As A Whole

    This article discusses just how African American owned businesses help the community as a whole.

    African American owned businesses help community organizations and individuals in many ways. As employees and business owners are becoming more concerned and involved with issues in their community and around the world, business social responsibility has become a major issue for all business owners. African American owned businesses around the country are leading the charge as they help community organizations in the neighborhoods, towns, and regions where they do business.

    There are many ways that African American owned businesses work to help community organizations and individuals in their neighborhoods. Partnering with local charities, supporting local groups by providing places to meet, distribute literature, or host events, and acting as small business activists and mentors are just a few of the ways African American owned business support their communities.

    Partnering to help community charities that reflect their values is one of the most powerful ways that African American owned businesses support their communities. African American owned businesses partner with local charities in a variety of ways. They often work with community organizations and charities to help raise money and awareness. There are many ways that businesses help charities raise money.

    Two of the most impactful ways African American own businesses help community charities raise money is by sponsoring percentage of sale and affiliate sales drives. A percentage of sales drive allows African American owned businesses that sell products or provide services to donate a percentage of total sales or a percentage of sales on a particular item or service as a donation to the chosen charity.

    Affiliate sales also allow African American owned businesses to partner with charitable organizations. The charity often promotes the business or business?s products/services and helps to generate sales for the company. In return, the business gives a percentage of the sales generated by the organization back to the charity in the form of a donation. Many companies also match monies raised through affiliate sales programs, increasing their impact.

    However, even smaller African American owned businesses that are unable to financially help community organizations and groups are finding ways to serve in their neighborhoods and towns. By offering groups a place to meet or to display and distribute information about their cause, businesses help support their larger communities. Many African American owned business host events, volunteer, and help recruit others businesses and individuals within their communities to support local causes.

    Finally, African American owned businesses across the country support their communities by acting as small business activists and mentors to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Through neighborhood associations, local chambers of commerce, business networks, and mentorship programs, business owners and employees help foster achievement and the entrepreneurial drive within their communities.

    Ultimately, there are countless ways that African American owned businesses help their communities. Whether by forming formal partnerships with charities that share their values and goals, informally helping spread the word and provide meeting spaces, or acting as activists and mentors in their communities, the impact African American businesses on their community as a whole is undeniable.