Hot Looking Cases To Protect Your iPad2

ipad casesOne of the latest and hottest technological devices around is the iPad2. There is much criticism as well as praise for tablets like the iPad2, and its value and usefulness raises as many questions for its necessity as the demand for it raises the need for supply. Of late, owning an iPad2 has come to be viewed as a status symbol of success rather than just having a computing piece of technology. ??

For what you spend on an iPad2, you’re going to want to do everything possible to protect it from scratches, dings, and the terrifying drop onto the screen-side-down event. Too many people just opt for what protects and forget they can buy something that also looks fashionably fantastic. Don’t treat that expensive icon of your success like it’s a paper bag; buy one of the five following protectors we’ve researched for you to draw attention to what you’re carrying around! ??

Smart Cover

?Apple’s website sells their own Smart Cover. These great protection covers are made to cover the fragile screen and hold on to the iPad2 with magnets. The fantastic part about the Smart Cover is it can also double as a stand for the iPad2. Your choice of either leather or polyurethane in a wide variety of colors, the Smart Cover is reasonably priced at $69 or $39, depending on what you choose and what your budget will allow.

Sena Folio for iPad

?Want to look like you just graduated Med or Law school? The Sena Folio for iPad is top notch. It encases the iPad2 in beautiful, soft leather and functions as a stand while still keeping it mostly inside the case. Like the name suggests, it is a folio and snaps closed with a handsome carrying handle like a handsome little briefcase. You would also never have to carry a purse or wallet again because the Sena Folio for iPad has slots for your credit cards, ID, and checkbook. How cool is that? What isn’t so cool, though, is the price; it chomps your change at $79.95.

?Splash VAPOR Slim-Fit Flex Case

?Need bounce protection like, yesterday? Need to keep it simple and inexpensive, too? This is the case for your iPad2! It’s easy on, easy off with this cover and it’s not too bulky. Its slim fit provides a sleek, smooth look preferred by professionals who want non-flashy accessories for their high-maintenance toys. For $24.99, it’s also the right price for this class of classy people. ??

iPad2 Teksure Skin ?

This iPad cover is a style step out of the ordinary. Think 70’s station wagon with the patterns offered: brushed metal, curly maple, or parudao wood. Take a step back in groovy time with these covers and the price too–only $19.99. ??

Apple iPad Case

?Apple’s original iPad case is the ultimate in simplicity and protection. It has reinforced panels and soft microfiber interior and is perfect for the original iPad. This one was also designed to fold into a stand to hold the first generation iPad upright for typing or watching videos and only costs $39.