Hiring in a Tough Economy

HiringThe most desirable employees are those willing to be team players. Even with an increase in unemployment, business owners and managers need to search for candidates who want to help improve the company. Motivation, integrity, decisiveness and optimism serve as important qualities for a well-rounded worker. Managers should try to steer clear of weak links when moving their businesses forward amid the rough economy.

?When companies are operating extremely lean, hiring errors take a greater toll on the team, since each employee is bearing a heavier workload,? says Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam, a staffing service. ?Today’s managers are well aware of the high stakes when selecting new hires and striving to find professionals who can contribute immediately and build a long-term career with their firms.?

OfficeTeam provides qualities that top performers should possess:

A winning mindset: An optimistic and realistic attitude. Ask a job candidate how he or she tackled a budget cut, workplace issue or a problematic boss. A beneficial employee will explain how he or she found a solution to the problem.

Quickness on their feet: Answer questions and provide help to customers in a timely matter. Find out how a job-seeker would handle an angry client.

An eye on the prize: Pursue goals and never look back; reach for the stars and strive for success. Learn about a job candidate’s greatest accomplishment.

Ability to make tough calls: Use decent judgment when it comes to difficult decisions. Ask a job-seeker to describe a past experience where he or she had to make a hard decision. What process did he or she use to come to a final verdict?

Good sportsmanship: Recognize the value of being a team player. Integrity and truthfulness is important for a company’s success. Avoid employees that put others down in order to make it to the top. Check a job candidate’s references to learn more about his or her idea of ethics.

?Although the high unemployment rate has resulted in more available talent, identifying the strongest candidates remains a tough task,? says Hosking. ?Many professionals have had considerable time to perfect their resumes and interview skills, making it more challenging to distinguish job-seekers with the greatest potential.?