High-Tech Gadgets for Your Home: Keeping Up with the Times

technology for home, tech gadgets for homeHigh-tech gadgets for the home ? are you ready for them?

Let’s face it. We enjoy using high-tech gadgets. As a matter of fact, we rely heavily on them for most of our daily chores and activities. Take the mobile phone as an example. What used to be a simple communication device has now turned into a formidable personal and business tool.?

Most of us now depend on our smartphones to get information from the Internet, set reminders and monitor appointments, send or receive text messages, emails and files and participate in social media sites. With the right app, you can even use it to monitor your health, keep fit, help you lose weight, get better sleep, obtain quick and reliable directions, save money on gas and grocery purchases, find a cab and a lot of other things in between.

Some Notable High-Tech Gadgets for the Home

What do our young designers and innovators have in store for us? Here are some interesting new concepts to consider.

Eco Cleaner

With the Eco Cleaner, you can wash your dishes without using regular detergents. Instead, it uses ultrasonic waves to convert food particles into organic fertilizer. Use this and you will definitely do the environment a lot of good.

WAT Lamp

Do you like the idea of turning electricity into a power source right before your eyes? Well, this is exactly what the WAT Lamp does! Simply pour water into the lamp and the hydroelectric battery will light it up for you.

Calypso Key and Case

Do you often misplace your keys? If you do, then you really need to get this gadget so that you don’t run into the same problem ever again. Simply tap the CalypsoKey to the corresponding entry point to activate near-field communication (NFC) technology and you can unlock your door in an instant. ??

1Limit Faucet

Know exactly how much water you use every time you turn on the faucet by using the 1Limit Faucet. With this faucet, you would only be allowed to use one liter of water each time you turn on the tap. Considering the fact that we waste around six liters of water for every 30 seconds that we leave our faucet on, this idea has very good potential in helping us save this precious natural resource.

Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

Protect your family from harboring disease-causing micro-organisms by keeping them out of your home with the self-sterilizing door handle. This ingenious invention uses UV light to prevent micro-organisms from turning your door handle into their own little breeding ground and doing considerable harm to your family’s health.

These are just a few of the most recent inventions that may find their way into your home. There are still a lot that we haven’t discussed here so brace yourself for a slew of high-tech gadgets in the very near future.