Hide Your Unemployment with These Resume Tricks

Resume tricksIt’s generally harder to find a job when you have been unemployed for a long period. This means that people who need jobs the most have difficulty finding work due to employment gaps on their resume. Employers typically assume that an unemployment gap of the few months means that the applicant is unqualified. However, qualified personnel are often unemployed for long periods in the current depressed economy. The progression towards a global economy means that a particular career field can move to another country. You should review your resume if you have been out of work for more than a few months. The primary goal of this review is to minimize periods of unemployment on your resume.

The most common method of accounting for your time during periods of unemployment is to do volunteer work or take classes. This is most helpful when the work or education is relevant to the field in which you are seeking employment. You can then fill in the employment gaps on a chronological resume with your unpaid work. You may also dispense with a chronological resume entirely and list your employment in order of relevance to the position for which you are applying. This type of resume allows you to emphasize your professional accomplishments rather than your employment history.

Some reasons for an employment gap should not appear on a resume such as a prolonged illness or a move. These reasons should appear in a cover letter accompanying the resume. A common method of accomplishing this is to mention the reason for the employment gap while expressing interest in the position. Assume, for example, that you have moved and have not yet found employment. You should mention that you are looking to break into the job market in the new location. You should also assume that your interviewer will ask you about your employment history. This means you should prepare an explanation that will put a positive spin on your employment gap.

Maintain a positive attitude during the interview, regardless of the reason for your employment gap. It’s essential that the hiring manager know you are eager to start working.