Here’s How To Travel Like Anthony Bourdaine

travelThe new season of “Parts Unknown” is upon us, so we asked Anthony Bourdain a few questions about his travel habits:

What can?t he stand in travel companions? Does he eat plane food? Where should we eat? (An obvious question, but we couldn’t resist.)

And just for kicks, does he know what Food52 is? The short answer: ?Uh, kinda.?

Even if you?re not going to Madagascar or Beirut like Bourdain is in the new season, we can all learn a little something from Bourdain’s way of traveling.

Here are five lessons to keep in your back pocket:

1. Don?t bring BBQ on the plane

In fact, don?t bring any food on the plane. Just eat the plane food?how bad could it be?

(We?ll keep our answer to that question to ourselves.)

Bourdain finds good food to be the most offensive food to ever be eaten in his presence on a plane?and he used to be guilty of it.

The last time he brought his own food, he carried on some ribs on a flight from Kansas City: “The smell filled the cabin and the look of pure hatred was so intense and overwhelming, I made a vow to never bring food on a plane ever again.”

2. Be nice

Kindness should be a given when traveling. And Bourdain won’t put up with anything less?he’s known to leave a meal if his travel companion is rude to waitstaff. To put it bluntly, “We’re done forever. I will leave you on the side of the road.” So just don?t do it.