Here’s How To Perfect You LinkedIn Profile

LIIf your LinkedIn profile reads more like a resume, you’re making a huge mistake — especially if you’re hoping to land new customers.

But don’t just take my word for it. I recently talked with Mike Derezin, Vice President of LinkedIn Sales Solutions (and therefore a guy perfectly placed to know what helps small businesses gain new customers and build stronger business relationships), about ways you can create the perfect LinkedIn profile.

Here’s Mike:

If you’re tasked with generating new business for your company — and if you’re an entrepreneur, you definitely are — stop thinking about your LinkedIn profile as a resume and start thinking about it as a marketing tool.

Why? Prospects or customers doing research find you through a search engine or on LinkedIn. That’s why you shouldn’t risk having a profile that simply highlights your wins and leaves out the context necessary to paint the full picture of who you are.

Imagine you’re a salesperson. When prospective customers come to your profile, do you think they want to know that you’re a ‘quota crusher’? That you made ‘club’ last year? Or that you were the #1 salesperson for three straight quarters?

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