Apps That Help You Sleep Better

Trouble sleeping?
There’s an app for that!

There is simply no way around it. You need to get at least
seven hours of sleep each night to keep your mind and body in top condition. If
you can’t get
enough sleep
into your busy schedule, then you may have to face the

The Many Benefits of

Numerous studies reveal that there is a direct connection between sleep and good health. In
fact, getting enough sleep can boost your immune system and make you less
vulnerable to pain (both acute and chronic) and a number of common and serious
health problems which include obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and stroke. It
may even make you more alert and reduce your risk of sustaining injuries, help
you manage
your weight
, improve your memory and boost your mood.

Recognizing the many benefits of getting enough sleep, you
really need to get enough sleep each and every night. To prepare your body and
mind for a restful slumber, you may want to adopt a bedtime routine that works for you. Consider taking a warm
bath before bedtime, listen to soft music, read a book by a soft light, or try
counting sheep, if you like. If nothing else works for you, you may want to consider
using an app to help you get the sleep you need.

Apps to Help You Sleep

Are there apps that can help you sleep better through the
night? Well, thankfully, yes. Here are some of them:

SleepCycle. This iOS
app tracks your movement as you sleep and rouses you up at the most optimal
time during your lightest sleep cycle so you will wake up feeling totally revitalized.
The app also helps you understand your
personal sleep cycle
by providing a graph of your movements through the
night and determines your “sleep quality percentage” or the ratio
between the total amount of time you spend sleeping and your nightly sleep

Sleep as Android.
This Android app works essentially the same as the SleepCycle. It provides
various nature sounds to help you fall asleep and records any incidence of snoring
and/or sleep talking. It also works great
for chronic over-sleepers
since the alarm can be set to stop only after the
user has successfully completed a CAPTCHA task. The Sleep as Android app comes
with a two-week free trial so you can try it out before purchasing the full
version.?? ??

Pzizz. People who
have trouble sleeping and even those who have insomnia would definitely love
this app. Pzizz provides you with more than 100 billion possible soundtrack
combinations to help you relax, destress and get to sleep. Pzizz is available
for both iOS and Android devices.

With these apps, you will surely get a good night’s sleep
each and every night.?