Hate Your Job? Here’s How to Cope

Disliking your job Few lucky people love what they do and get paid for it, and many people simply look at work as a means to an end, but for some people, the workplace is so miserable that it starts to consume their entire lives. The idea of quitting is just too risky in this tough job market, but they leave work each day dreading the thought of returning in the morning. If this sounds familiar, follow these tips to deal with a job you hate.?


Vent, but just don’t do it at work. If you can’t rant and rave to your friends or partner, try writing your thoughts out. You will feel better once you get your complaints off your chest. And don’t dare post your rantings online ? grab an old fashioned pen and paper instead.?

Remember It’s Not Forever?

Today’s average worker goes through five careers in a lifetime, according to research conducted recently. It is now common practice to change your career every few years, so hang on to hope that you won’t be stuck in your miserable job forever.?

Take Time for Yourself?

If work is really starting to consume you and it is creeping into your mind at all hours of the day, take a step back and make time for yourself. Do something you love, whether it be finishing the Sunday crossword, volunteering or running in the park. Make it a routine part of your day so you have something to look forward to before or after work.?


A sense of humor can get you through the worst times at work. Humor gives you perspective, makes you more optimistic and offers stress relief, so replace your daily news show with a comedy. Or, release your goofy side on your lunch break.?

Make a Life Outside of Work?

If you regularly join your co-workers for drinking and commiserating after work, skip a few sessions and remember how you feel. If they are just as unhappy at work, you likely spend most of that time complaining and sharing sob stories that will just bring you down even more. Leave work both physically and mentally each night, and find a group of friends that makes you laugh.?

Enhance Your Skills?

You don’t have to be happy at work to be a better worker. Use the opportunity to enhance your skills. Sign up for training programs, initiate a new project or set new goals for yourself. You’ll start to get more out of work while also making yourself more attractive to potential future employers.