Harry Belafonte Challenges Fraternity to Stand Up for Oppressed Women Worldwide

photo of harry belafonte holding an awardAt a recent gathering for Phi Beta Sigma?s Centennial Founders Day gala, actor and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, a new member of the fraternity, announced his new initiative aimed at ending oppression and violence towards women.

As reported by The Washington Post, Belafonte told a crowd of more than 1,000 people, ?My contribution as a new member of the fraternity is to sucker all of you into coming with me and man up and stand up. When the time comes, we will be in touch and you will be informed to join us in this movement in the 21st century. Let us use this century to be the century where we say we started the mission to end the violence and oppression of women.?

As keynote speaker of the event, the 86-year old Belafonte went on to discuss his newly launched organization, Sankofa Justice & Equity Fund, a nonprofit focused on social justice and helping marginalized people throughout the world. Projects for the organzization extend to South Africa, the Congo and Nigeria. ?

Throughout his speech, Belafonte asked the crowd to “man up” and “focus on the plight of the savagery and brutalization of women in some parts of the world ? not only the brutalization of those in war? but the brutalization of domestic application?. brutalizing women continually. It is men who created violence against women. It is men who should end the violence against women,? he said.? ?

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